Telling others about Christ

Evangelism isn’t an option. How we do it is. 

The message about Jesus is good news, and like all good news, it is most naturally and effectively shared in interpersonal conversations. As with any such communication, it involves sharing, asking questions of the other person, and listening to their thoughts and perspectives.

Conversational evangelism isn’t a recent idea dreamed up by people who don’t like preaching. It was Jesus’ preferred approach. Reading over Jesus’ interactions with people in the gospels can provide you with inspiration and direction for your own conversational evangelism.


Personal Evangelism

A video resource

In this brief training video, you’ll learn how to lead any unsaved family & friends to their decision to receive Jesus as Savior from start to finish within minutes.

Who can you tell?

A PDF Worksheet

Use this tool to help you map out your neighborhood and write down who God has placed around you so you can prary, connect and invite them to church.

Evangelism Tool

Download the App

This app is a comprehesive evangelism tool which has been carefully crafted for discussing and responding to basic questions about Christianity and the Gospel.

This app helps you share the most important concepts from the bible. This makes it simple for you to walk someone through the red zone and bring them over to God.

From the Assemblies of God More Resources

The Assemblies of God offers many more resources for sharing your faith with others. Read more about ministering here.